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AAAAASTEROIDS! is a simple space game where you pilot a UFO through an asteroid belt, while collecting batteries to keep your shields powered up. If your shields run out and you hit an asteroid, it's game over! How long can you last?

Controls: WASD or left analog stick for movement, R to restart, ESC to main menu.

(Note: The game will default to analog stick if it detects a controller is plugged in, otherwise it'll be WASD. If for whatever reason the controls don't work I've uploaded a keyboard only version with the controller support removed.)

This is my first time participating in a game jam, and I've never really finished or released a game before. I'm rusty and out of practice but when I saw the jam was about to start on Friday I figured I'd throw myself into it. I'm glad I did, because I've had a lot of fun and learned a lot, and even have a couple other prototypes to keep playing with after the jam. :)

AAAAASTEROIDS! was made in GameMaker Studio 1.4. I used GameMaker's sprite editor for the basic art/animations, and the music was hastily thrown together in Garageband on my iPad. Sound effects were made with BFXR (http://www.bfxr.net/).


LD39 - AAAAASTEROIDS 1.0.1.exe 14 MB
LD39 - AAAAASTEROIDS-1.0.2-keyboard-only.exe 14 MB

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